Supplier relation

Partners Metal Group has built over its many years of presence in Western-and Eastern-Europe a large network of trustworthy suppliers that sell their goods exclusively to our company. Lately we have also entered the markets in Central- and South-America as well as the Middle-East through our offices situated in Mexico and Israel.

Our purchase team has been divided into 6 different regions:

1. Benelux

2. France and Germany

3. Eastern-Europe, Balkan and Russia

4. Central – and South-America

5. Spain and Portugal

6. Middle-East as well as the rest of the world.

Our purchase team is daily in contact with all our suppliers to offer them our most competitive prices as well as the best payment terms. We are always looking to give them the chance to be the most competitive possible in the market and consequently enable them to increase the quantity they can provide us of a specific quality over time. We are also working closely with them to identify for opportunities to develop together new qualities and new ventures. Furthermore we assign great importance to the requirements of our suppliers and always do our utmost to adapt our schedule of pickup of goods or delivery to our yard to
fulfill their needs.

For many years our company has had exclusive contracts with companies such as Siemens (Germany, Hungary, Colombia), ABB (Poland, Spain) andGeneral Electric (Mexico) in order to collect all their for example having already

Our purchase people are focused to keep a long-term business relationship with our suppliers and apply our philosophy of competitive prices, fast payment and dynamism.

In short, why to sell to Partners Metal?

*Fair prices
*Fast payment