Delivery Process

As soon as the buyer's payment has been confirmed according to the contractual conditions, we place orders with the “Conferential Shipping Lines” for the adequate sea containers.


We load the containers on our yard site, in the presence of our quality controller.


Each container is then checked, empty and full, to control that it is clean, not damaged and watertight.


Each container is weighed both empty (TARA) and full (GROSS) on a 60-ton electric weight scale bridge to get an accurate weight ticket.


Each container is sealed (with our own seals) after loading is completed.


The container is run through our radioactivity detection system before leaving the yard.


Each container is re-weighed at loading port in order to confirm that the weight is intact when loaded onboard the vessel.


Each container will pass the customs authority according to the overseas official export regulations.


We then make sure that the goods are shipped with the first available vessel to the specific delivery port requested by our buyer.


As soon as the goods have been loaded onto the vessel, we will send a shipment advice to our buyer mentioning the vessel name, ETD and ETA.


We keep track of the containers throughout their itinerary, up to their final destination, and our logistic staff holds a daily contact with our buyers to keep them updated.