Quality Label

We always trade the same 10 qualities, which assured over the years a constant high-quality flow from our suppliers to our clients.

All heterogeneous scraps invariably pass through our own yards, where they are segregated and sorted by our own specialized employees, before being loaded into containers.

Every month we re-sample and re-test our 10 qualities, to check if any variation may have occurred in the metal content against recorded figures and results.

At each loading session our quality controllers are present, supervising the loading process, and controlling the quality of the whole container.

During each loading and delivery sessions we take digital pictures, to allow us to keep records, and compare to past deliveries and shipments.

At the end of each loading session, all containers are sealed (with our own seals) to ensure that no other metals or materials could be slipped into the containers after they have left our yards.

We maintain a constant contact with the recyclers, producers, factories, inspection companies, and metal laboratories, to compare our figures and results with the highest benchmarks.